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Windows 8 have revolutionized the touch screen laptops. The Microsoft’s new touch focused operating system has paved way to different computer manufacturers to come up with their own touch screens that previously didn’t exist at all. This contradicted Steve Jobs when he said in 2010 that “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical.” With the great Jobs being against this, people are expecting to be disappointed with the release of touchscreen laptops this year. Surprisingly so, it hasn’t been the case. It is now safe to say that touchscreens are the future.

Here are different types of Touchscreen laptops out now in the market:

Standard Touch – The least crazy design of all touchscreens. Just like a giant touch pad. This will always be used primarily as a laptop.

Convertibles – work by folding screen over the keyboard using a hinge. Has the same look as a regular laptop, the tablet mode is a nice bonus.

Sliders – With a display that slides over the keyboard. Most of the sliders are very light and small. The only downside is the reduced keyboard space.



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