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It has been the talk of town in the digital world for some months now that Google will be releasing their own touch screen laptop. Rumor no more! According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is coming out with this product this year. It seems like the multi-million dollar company is also doing well in terms of low-cost laptop mark. During last quarter of last year, they have managed to sell 100,000 Chromebooks in a $199 to $249 price range on the last quarter of 2012. This puts them closer to their rival, Microsoft. Microsoft already has their own version of touch screen computers, 25 percent of the computers sold last year were all touch screen.

Having touch on a regular laptop is becoming more and more popular. Though this doesn’t make it any better than a normal computer, it still has more edge. Google has not announced which hardware company they are partnering with on this project. It might be with Acer or Samsung, both companies they’ve already worked with in the past.



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