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20.jpgLaptop mode is the most essential part of the computer that permits to expand the battery life. In setting it up, it is simplified by the introduction of laptop mode tools. Installing these tools will get the laptop mode up and operating. Anyway, the laptop mode tools package will automatically manage the hard drive’s idle time out or break and management the power settings. This instance will not make you worry about manually invoking it. The laptop mode devices install a script in /usr/sbin/laptop mode. The laptop mode tools package is surrounded with a full description of all the available configuration settings in the manual settings.


Keyboard: Thin-and-light notebooks usually have smaller-than-average keys spaced more closely than the keys of a desktop model, and at times their layouts may differ from a standard keyboard.

Optical and other drives: Most manufacturers offer notebooks with a rewritable DVD drive. It is possible to get a notebook with a combination DVD-ROM and CD-RW drive, but few machines feature either just DVD-ROM or CD-RW drive.

Hard drive: Notebooks with 40GB hard drives are getting scarce, but you can save money by going for a 60GB model. If you want to upgrade your hard drive, You can easily remove most laptop hard drives and transfer your data safe to keep it safe.


Here are some tips that you can follow to increase the battery life of your laptop.

Did you know that you can conserve your laptop’s battery life by lowering the screen display’s brightness? Lowering it by just one level will save about ten minutes of battery life.

WiFi connections are actually a power guzzler. When you’re not using it, switch it off using the laptop’s external switch. Disable devices like Bluetooth and the infrared transceiver when they’re not in use.

Reducing the frequency where your hard drive spins is another way for you to save on power. Defragment your hard drive regularly.

Condition your laptop’s battery. When you first get your laptop, charge the battery up to 100% then discharge it totally. Charge it up again to 100%. This exercise will help the battery remember how much electricity it can hold.


Laptop vendor gave writer some tips to increase the battery life to maximum :

Charge your battery fully and then discharge it till the laptop shuts down by itself. You can do this 2-3 times before your journey. This gives your battery some exercise ( & exercise is always beneficial to health )

Decrease the monitor brightness. This gives you an extra 1 hour battery life

Defragment your hard disk from time to time so it will help your PC’s hard disk lower its power consumption.

Turn off useless programs running behind. Open your task manager to see the programs running

Remove or shut down �not used� externally plugged devices like USB devises, printer, ipod, Wifi etc

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Laptops and notebooks are just the same nowadays, with just a wee-bit difference. It was just the manufacturer’s judgment to call it either as a laptop or as a notebook. But did you know that there was a big difference between the two? That’s right.

Laptops were invented as compact desktop computers for mobility so that it can be brought everywhere you want to. And if you have an old laptop just like me, we all know that laptops during those days were very heavy. That is why notebooks are invented. Notebooks are a smaller type of laptops, with a smaller LCD screen and a fewer jacks and stuff. That is why notebooks are easier to bring. But then, in general, notebooks are just used for typing.

Now, there is only a little difference between a laptop and a notebook because of the advancement of out technology nowadays. Notebooks has almost the same number of jacks, while laptops becomes lighter.




It has been the talk of town in the digital world for some months now that Google will be releasing their own touch screen laptop. Rumor no more! According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is coming out with this product this year. It seems like the multi-million dollar company is also doing well in terms of low-cost laptop mark. During last quarter of last year, they have managed to sell 100,000 Chromebooks in a $199 to $249 price range on the last quarter of 2012. This puts them closer to their rival, Microsoft. Microsoft already has their own version of touch screen computers, 25 percent of the computers sold last year were all touch screen.

Having touch on a regular laptop is becoming more and more popular. Though this doesn’t make it any better than a normal computer, it still has more edge. Google has not announced which hardware company they are partnering with on this project. It might be with Acer or Samsung, both companies they’ve already worked with in the past.


laptopThe decision to replace a desktop with a laptop can be a tricky question to ask but for ultimate portability, you’re better off with a laptop. The speed and ease of transportability of laptops has long been known making it one of the most used computers the world over. There is however a downside to the compact design which is with respect to upgrades. Though most laptops today allow generic upgrades, not all can be maximized due to design and compactness of designs.
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When you’re looking at different laptops, make sure you examine these components before you decide which to get.

Processor. The laptop’s processor determines the efficiency and speed of the laptop.

Memory. The more memory there is, the better. This is because upgrading laptop memory is more complicated than updating desktop memory. Get at least 80 GB on your hard drive and 1GB of RAM.

Battery. Get a laptop with lithium ion battery because they last longer than nickel batteries.

Display. Get a display screen with the active matrix option, a technology faster than the passive matrix.

Price. Shop around and compare deals and prices before buying a particular laptop model.



ノートパソコン用の構成要素を小型化する技術が多くの進化を遂げている。 その一つの器用な例がハードドライブの技術である。 ノート用のハードドライブはデスクトップに内蔵されているハードドライブと全く同じ役目をするのだが、それを出来るだけ小さい大きさで保管と能率を提供するようにデザインされている。 幾つかの特徴として、どんな時間やどんな時でも容易に脱着可能なリムーバブル・ハードディスクなどがある。 しかし、ノートパソコン用のハードドライブを買いに行く前に、すでに装着されているハードドライブの仕様を確認し、互換性があるか確かめる必要がある。 ノート用のハードドライブは様々な容量で販売されている。 80GBハードドライブを購入するか、それとも巨大な250GBの容量を持つハードドライブを選択するかはあなた次第。 どちらを選ぶにしろ、総合的に、あなたの使う環境に合う事を基準に置かなければならない。


ハードドライブはオペレーティングシステム、プログラム(ゲームやアプリケーション)、使用するデータやデジタル化された音楽と映画を保管している。 多くの新しいパソコンは最低でも80GBのハードドライブを搭載する;多くはそれよりもはるかに大きい。 ハードドライブの容量というものは、持っていると、どうにかして短期間で一杯にする方法を思いつくものである。 ガイドとなるルールは無いのだが、購入時にギガバイト単位の費用を目安に考慮する方法もある。 もし音楽、ビデオやグラフィックスなどの大きいファイルを扱うのであれば、大きい容量を持っている方が得をする。 もしかすると、プログラムとアプリケーション用とプロジェクトや仕事などのデータ保管用の2つのハードドライブを持っている方が得なのかも知れない。