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laptopThe decision to replace a desktop with a laptop can be a tricky question to ask but for ultimate portability, you’re better off with a laptop. The speed and ease of transportability of laptops has long been known making it one of the most used computers the world over. There is however a downside to the compact design which is with respect to upgrades. Though most laptops today allow generic upgrades, not all can be maximized due to design and compactness of designs.
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When you’re looking at different laptops, make sure you examine these components before you decide which to get.

Processor. The laptop’s processor determines the efficiency and speed of the laptop.

Memory. The more memory there is, the better. This is because upgrading laptop memory is more complicated than updating desktop memory. Get at least 80 GB on your hard drive and 1GB of RAM.

Battery. Get a laptop with lithium ion battery because they last longer than nickel batteries.

Display. Get a display screen with the active matrix option, a technology faster than the passive matrix.

Price. Shop around and compare deals and prices before buying a particular laptop model.



ノートパソコン用の構成要素を小型化する技術が多くの進化を遂げている。 その一つの器用な例がハードドライブの技術である。 ノート用のハードドライブはデスクトップに内蔵されているハードドライブと全く同じ役目をするのだが、それを出来るだけ小さい大きさで保管と能率を提供するようにデザインされている。 幾つかの特徴として、どんな時間やどんな時でも容易に脱着可能なリムーバブル・ハードディスクなどがある。 しかし、ノートパソコン用のハードドライブを買いに行く前に、すでに装着されているハードドライブの仕様を確認し、互換性があるか確かめる必要がある。 ノート用のハードドライブは様々な容量で販売されている。 80GBハードドライブを購入するか、それとも巨大な250GBの容量を持つハードドライブを選択するかはあなた次第。 どちらを選ぶにしろ、総合的に、あなたの使う環境に合う事を基準に置かなければならない。


ハードドライブはオペレーティングシステム、プログラム(ゲームやアプリケーション)、使用するデータやデジタル化された音楽と映画を保管している。 多くの新しいパソコンは最低でも80GBのハードドライブを搭載する;多くはそれよりもはるかに大きい。 ハードドライブの容量というものは、持っていると、どうにかして短期間で一杯にする方法を思いつくものである。 ガイドとなるルールは無いのだが、購入時にギガバイト単位の費用を目安に考慮する方法もある。 もし音楽、ビデオやグラフィックスなどの大きいファイルを扱うのであれば、大きい容量を持っている方が得をする。 もしかすると、プログラムとアプリケーション用とプロジェクトや仕事などのデータ保管用の2つのハードドライブを持っている方が得なのかも知れない。


24.jpgSupplying internet access to utmost usefulness is another story. In countries where crucial utilities are lacking, setting up an internet connectivity can rapidly cause the actual cost of a laptop to skyrocket. Depending on the current resources, connectivity could take the form of WiMAX, local ad-hoc set of connections between schools, satellite connections, and even cellular-based unions. The wireless connectivity is the slightest pricey option, that has other options that range into the billions. Local Wi-Fi sharing for a village may costs a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, there are still VSAT and satellite services which are tremendously costly but will also offer cheaper rates when competition strikes.


The IFL9025 is an attractive-looking and well-designed 6.6-pound laptop with a glossy piano-black lid. Its a slim and compact dark case extends a little from the back of the unit where its 7200-mAh battery is located. The system has a 1280-by-800-pixel 15.4-inch screen. It also has a touch-sensitive media membrane keyboard feature, which includes a mute control that activates with just a wave of the hand over it.
The Battery life gives you about 3.8 hours to do just about anything, and it has an nVidia GeForce 8600M GT video card with 512MB of dedicated memory.
It even supports networking, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s that time of the year again! Christmas season is when everyone gets a bit more money and a bit more spendthrifty and purchase different products they likely not need. Computers/laptops are ideal “treat” for yourself. This actually is a good purchase as long as you know what you’re getting. So here are some tips when it comes to buying a new computer. First and foremost do a good amount of research. Know what’s available in the market and pick something that suits your needs. Get something that has at least 4GB ram. Anything below that then there’s a tendency for your computer to run slow. Do not always get “what looks cute” the color of your laptop shouldn’t be on your top priority. Just like choosing clothes, you have to try before you buy! Shopping online would only provide you specs but you also need to know the feel of it in your hands.




When buying a laptop, it’s always best to research first. Ask yourself, whats on the market right now? The best and most convenient option for you would be to surf the World Wide Web for what you (might) want. You might have had your eye on a laptop you saw months ago on a store shelf, but the way technology is, chances are much newer models have come out. That means new features and specifications not included in older models. Also keep in mind what you want. For example, if you want to buy a new laptop, list down what your priorities areshould it be light / have a powerful processing speed / be affordable above all; should it be equipped with WiFi or have a large screen / large memory / touch screen? These are just some things that make for better selection and satisfaction when you actually make your purchase.


A laptop that offers just about everything that matters to the business travelers, the buttoned-up Lenovo ThinkPad X300 does not have the Apple MacBook Air’s superslim, spartan style, but is superior in structure and added perks. Compared to most ultra-portables, it has both an eraserhead and a touchpad. The keyboard, with its full-size keys and properly oriented arrow keys looks wonderful. It has a 1.2-GHz Core 2 Duo L7100 processor and 2GB of RAM. PC World’s World Bench 6 benchmark tests gave the ThinkPad X300 a score of 64. Compared with the Air, what it lacks in style is made up for with better features and more functionality.





2013 is starting out well in the electronic industry. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) just wrapped up and people now have a clearer view on where the market is headed. There are a few laptop computers that stood out and should definitely be looked out for. This year, was a preview of Ultrabooks which made everyone believe that fat notebooks will be extinct soon. So here are some of the most exciting offers this year. Starting with Lenovo’s Yoga 11s. The system runs full with Windows 8 and is a full pledged PC. It can accommodate up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. It will be on sale for the starting price of $799.

Another laptop to watch out for is NEC LaVie X. This super thin device (12.8mm thick) looks really impressive, though there is not a lot of available information on specs except for 1,920 x 1,080 display. Also rumored to only be available in Japan.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is an 11.6-inch Ultrabook with a reversible display and promises 10 hours of battery life. This will be out in the market on February for an expensive $1,499 up value.