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27.jpgNow that software games are selling like hotcakes, gaming laptops or desktop computers are becoming a new trend in the industry at present. The good thing is, there are already powerful desktops available in the market and all you need to do is scout for the best deal. But since, it is convenient to bring a laptop everywhere, a laptop for gaming is being designed with all the essential features. Though it will be very much costly, gaming aficionado will be very much at ease with this. This will not only allows convenience but as well more upgrades mainly on graphic cards.  


A laptop that offers just about everything that matters to the business travelers, the buttoned-up Lenovo ThinkPad X300 does not have the Apple MacBook Air’s superslim, spartan style, but is superior in structure and added perks. Compared to most ultra-portables, it has both an eraserhead and a touchpad. The keyboard, with its full-size keys and properly oriented arrow keys looks wonderful. It has a 1.2-GHz Core 2 Duo L7100 processor and 2GB of RAM. PC World’s World Bench 6 benchmark tests gave the ThinkPad X300 a score of 64. Compared with the Air, what it lacks in style is made up for with better features and more functionality.


今年のホリデーシーズンに忙しいのはサンタの膝だけではないだろう — ロサンジェルス




米ガートナーによると、インドでのラップトップ販売における成長率は、2007年の第3四半期に、前年比で99%以上の上昇を記録。 売上総数は約50万台に達した。


According to their senior manager, Samsung might leave the laptop market over the next three years if they don’t triple their sales. Senior Manager Sukyong Hong says that for the company to remain sustainable, they have to sell 11 million laptops in 2011.

As of now the Korean manufacturer only has 1.7% of the international laptop market, but it needs to reach 5.7% in three years to meet its minimum survival volume. Although their laptops don’t sell as well as other brands, Samsung manufactures 80% of laptop components, including batteries, hard disks, optical drives, batteries, and TFT panels. Their clients are usually large manufacturers like Acer and Apple.

While this is happening, the company is also replacing its CEO, Yun Jong-yong as well as Hwang Chang-gyu, head of the semiconductor business.


Airline regulations say that your laptop needs to be placed along with your checked-in luggage. Here’s how you can keep the data in your laptop safe.

First, back up all important files before leaving and make sure your back-up works. Place all important documents (especially the ones you’ll use immediately at your destination) into a memory card, USB stick, or a CD. If the worst case scenario happens and your computer gets damaged, the most important files can still be accessed using another computer.

Make sure your laptop is password protected in case it gets stolen or lost.

Place your laptop inside a padded sleeve to protect it from rough handling. You can also wrap it with your clothes and place it in the middle of your suitcase.

Don’t panic if your laptop gets damaged and the data gets lost. You can get a professional data recovery company to save your data from your laptop drive.



Have you ever been in a situation where you have to decide which is better, buying a laptop or a desktop computer? Some people have to decide when they are buying their first ever computer or needing an upgrade. This can be a very difficult decision especially now that there are so many available computers in the market today.

When you are making a decision, first thing to consider is location. Where will you be needing this computer? Is this computer going to be used a lot at home? At work? While traveling to classes (if a student)? If you need a computer that you can take with you everywhere then the smartest thing to do is buy a laptop. It is smaller and lighter than a desktop, therefore making it perfect for traveling.

If you only access the computer for work and won’t have to take it with you to travel, then a desktop is the best solution. If you are using the computer for very long hours, then desktop is built for long performances.


Here are a few tips you can follow to protect your laptop and prevent data loss due to damage.

Most people treat laptops as though they are indestructible. Remember though that laptops have very fragile hard drives, which can be easily knocked out of their alignment when dropped or even jostled lightly. Keep your laptop motionless and flat during use because vibrations can damage your hard drive.

Store your laptop in a clean environment. Spilling beverages or placing your laptop in a dusty area can cause a lot of problems.

Make sure your data is secure by password protecting your hard drive.

Make back-ups of all important documents, especially if your laptop is your primary computer.

Consult a technician if your laptop doesn’t boot up properly or makes a lot of strange noises.


omniaamoledSamsung is fast becoming one of the most innovative consumer electronics manufacturers in the world and with the release of their OMNIA line of mobile phones comes the latest in display technologies that might set the stage for the laptops of tomorrow. Laptops all use LCD’s which requires back-lighting to make the display visible. Some of the oldest types of back lights used extremely thin fluorescent tubes that are very fragile and a diffusing plastic layer to evenly light the display. Some newer models use high intensity LED bulbs along with the diffuser but with Samsung’s technology, they took it a step further by incorporating Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLED), that required no back-lighting. Read more »


If you bring your laptop with you everywhere, there’s a high chance that it may get stolen and a slim chance that you’ll ever get to find it. However, there’s a way to increase that chance by using Locate PC. It will send you an e-mail whenever your laptop is connected to the internet and another e-mail every time the IP address changes. The e-mail contains information on the network connections, and a dial-up connection will reveal the number and the username that the thief is using. Traceroute commands can also be issued so you can locate the laptop. However, the application has several limitations. Locate PC will only work if the thief boots up your laptop while being connected to the internet. Once the thief reformats the drive and uses a new OS, Locate PC won’t work either.


20.jpgLaptop mode is the most essential part of the computer that permits to expand the battery life. In setting it up, it is simplified by the introduction of laptop mode tools. Installing these tools will get the laptop mode up and operating. Anyway, the laptop mode tools package will automatically manage the hard drive’s idle time out or break and management the power settings. This instance will not make you worry about manually invoking it. The laptop mode devices install a script in /usr/sbin/laptop mode. The laptop mode tools package is surrounded with a full description of all the available configuration settings in the manual settings.