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If you bring your laptop with you everywhere, there’s a high chance that it may get stolen and a slim chance that you’ll ever get to find it. However, there’s a way to increase that chance by using Locate PC. It will send you an e-mail whenever your laptop is connected to the internet and another e-mail every time the IP address changes. The e-mail contains information on the network connections, and a dial-up connection will reveal the number and the username that the thief is using. Traceroute commands can also be issued so you can locate the laptop. However, the application has several limitations. Locate PC will only work if the thief boots up your laptop while being connected to the internet. Once the thief reformats the drive and uses a new OS, Locate PC won’t work either.



Fujitsuは最新のFujitsu LifeBook A1110型ノートパソコンを最近発売した。Intel セントリノ2テクノロジーを使用し、ユーザーにやさしい15.4インチのノート型パソコンだ。この最高なパッケージに加わっているのがコア2 デュオP73501、又はT5800プロセッサーで、DDR2メモリーの4ギガバイトを支える事が出来る。320GBのハードドライブの容量を搭載し、またDVD作成が出来る。このノート型パソコンの最新の素晴らしい事は、パソコンのふたを変えられることだ。あなたの気分や好みに合わせ、カラフルなふたのコレクションを交換する事が出来る。現在出ているふたの色は、流行の緑のラビリンス、蝶の入った明るいピンク色、上品なビクトリアデザインの青となっている。新しいFujitsu LifeBook A1110はまた130万画素のウェブカメラ、イーサネット Lan ポート、802.11nのワイヤレス接続、ブルーツゥース接続、3つのUSB 2.0ポート、エクスプレスカード、SDカードスロット、VGAアウトプットの機能付だ。パソコンの重量は約2.9kgで6つに分けられたバッテリー、Windows Vista Home Premiumエディションが搭載され、LifeBook A1110のノート型パソコンの値段は約800ドル程だ。


25.jpgWhen it comes to fashion, over the years it has changed. At present, designer laptop bags are being created to suit ones lifestyle. Laptop bags are now built with so much features and chic style within it. You can choose a sleek bag type or the one that has so many compartments and pockets but still sporting a sleek design. Bulky laptop bags are out of the scene, welcoming a light-weight slim colorful cases.  The exteriors are mostly made of water-resistant nylon with zipper pulls, accent rivets, rings and buckles that are high-quality. Aside from it’s comfort and ease of use, laptop bags are made of leathers.


Did you know that getting a laptop is a smart, environmental-friendly decision compared to getting a regular desktop PC? This is because a laptop is smaller than a desktop, which means it has far less environmental impact when you have to dispose of it. Its slim size also means that there are less hazardous parts that needs to be disposed of, like USB ports, hard drives, CD drives, flash card readers, etc. Manufacturing smaller laptops also has an indirect environmental effect because the factories produce less harmful emissions.

Besides that, laptops today compy with Europe’s regulations on lead-free devices. Lead was formerly used to solder computer parts together, but new regulations require manufacturers to use other methods for making computers.


Not in the near future, for these thin nifty gadgets to have a lot of advantages but with the current state of technology, they are still quite limited. Battery life is the most common problem for there is still a need for a better power source. Sure we have these solar chargers that come in backpacks and other emergency power sources but the actual battery built into these devices are still limited to a few hours of use.

Time may come when they may be the next big thing but for now, it is still a fad or status symbol. Part of us wants to get the latest and most exclusive gadget around but they still have a long way to go in terms of computing power and use. They may have a niche to fill in but for mainstream business and overall general use, the standard laptop still rules. Besides, who wants an expensive gadget so thin you’d forget it was in your folder and then sit on it while getting into the car!


LOS ANGELES – Santa’s lap won’t be the only one occupied this holiday season.

Laptop computer sales jumped in 2007, boosting the entire PC business from a weak showing at the end of 2006, according to research by market research firm IDC. Changes in the laptop specifications like shapes, weight, sizes, and prices translates to more people the world over are finding a comfortable spot for portable computers.

Total worldwide shipment of PCs improved 16% over the previous year during the third quarter of 2007. By contrast, PC shipments during the fourth quarter of 2006 had grown only 8% from a year earlier.

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Laptops and notebooks are just the same nowadays, with just a wee-bit difference. It was just the manufacturer’s judgment to call it either as a laptop or as a notebook. But did you know that there was a big difference between the two? That’s right.

Laptops were invented as compact desktop computers for mobility so that it can be brought everywhere you want to. And if you have an old laptop just like me, we all know that laptops during those days were very heavy. That is why notebooks are invented. Notebooks are a smaller type of laptops, with a smaller LCD screen and a fewer jacks and stuff. That is why notebooks are easier to bring. But then, in general, notebooks are just used for typing.

Now, there is only a little difference between a laptop and a notebook because of the advancement of out technology nowadays. Notebooks has almost the same number of jacks, while laptops becomes lighter.

laptopThe decision to replace a desktop with a laptop can be a tricky question to ask but for ultimate portability, you’re better off with a laptop. The speed and ease of transportability of laptops has long been known making it one of the most used computers the world over. There is however a downside to the compact design which is with respect to upgrades. Though most laptops today allow generic upgrades, not all can be maximized due to design and compactness of designs.
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Airline regulations say that your laptop needs to be placed along with your checked-in luggage. Here’s how you can keep the data in your laptop safe.

First, back up all important files before leaving and make sure your back-up works. Place all important documents (especially the ones you’ll use immediately at your destination) into a memory card, USB stick, or a CD. If the worst case scenario happens and your computer gets damaged, the most important files can still be accessed using another computer.

Make sure your laptop is password protected in case it gets stolen or lost.

Place your laptop inside a padded sleeve to protect it from rough handling. You can also wrap it with your clothes and place it in the middle of your suitcase.

Don’t panic if your laptop gets damaged and the data gets lost. You can get a professional data recovery company to save your data from your laptop drive.

With the release of Apple’s iPad, a new market niche has been created – that for tablets. When the iPad first appeared almost a year ago, it was seen as a very separate niche that won’t affect the laptop market much. But this has proven to be wrong. Based on studies, the iPad is eating into the once very lucrative netbook niche of the laptop market. Who would’ve thought that would actually happen in just the iPad’s first iteration, when people skeptically thought that it won’t ever replace a netbook in terms of functionality.

With the popularity of tablets, specifically the iPad, the market is now rethinking about the viability of both niches. What about you? Which of the two would you prefer? Are you for a netbook or for an iPad?